Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazing + adventurous trip in Singapore

20th May

Going to singapore!!!
After taking 96 from pontian to larkin, we had an awesome lunch at Mc-D with burgers~
following by taking 170 to kranji MRT station~

Everything was smooth and we had done a great decision on the spot (at MRT station) to go to the MERLION PARK at raffles place~
so we took the NORTH-SOUTH line from Kranji to raffles place~

great scenery at Raffles place
with the view of the ESPLANADE at its opposite ^^

Walking along the street, nice view of the singapore river^^
After crossing a few streets we finally saw the MERLION statue^^

It is a half fish, half lion statue which is the landmark of Singapore.

After taking a lot of pics with the Merlion we proceed to the jetty for a boat ride along the Singapore river with 15$ per person.

In the boat~
It was really great sitting in the boat with winds blown on my face and with the awesome view outside the boat~

uncle "driving" the boat ^^

front view of the Merlion taken from the boat^^

Bridge joinning the Merlion park and esplanade ^^

Big and small merlion^^

Finally at the evening...
is time to leave^^
we took MRT to Sembawang to find little Jaxon^^
and with that, our first day ends......

21st May

After woke up, we went to my uncle's house at Chua chu Kang.
After lunch, my uncle bring us to city hall and we visited the Casino^^
Although we are nt "old" enough to enter the casino, but the buildings and things around there really impressive~

Art craft made by plastic bags and tissue papers... really awesome

walking to casino~

too bad i was nt allow to enter... =(
after the visit, we walk along the Singapore river.
before leaving,we took a pic with Stamford Raffles statue.

2nd day ends... ...

22nd May

The most exciting and fun part after all (^^) bcaz we were visitng the Singapore zOO!
We took LRT to Chua Chu Kang bus interchange and took bus 927 to the ZOO^^

There are lots of animals in the ZOO~
is hard to describe one by one, but really amazing walking around the zoo with ANIMALS all around...
There are nothing new from my last visit but STILL Singapore Zoo is a Great and Awesome place to visit...
So, I'll jz upload some of the interesting things and essence of my ZoO visit^^

interesting facts of Lion^^

*too many pics to upload...Anyway,it's a really great and nice visit ^^

23rd May

rest a lot...
at night,visiting the Night Safari^^

too bad my camera is nt good enough to take photo at night
we were nt allow to turn on flash during the visit,so, not much pics were taken!

24th May

woke up early in the morning...
after breakfast, we took bus to Bukit Timah, the highest mount. in Singapore (163.63m ONLY)...HEHE~

However, it was really tiring climbing the 163.63m mount as it was really very steep~

After some time, finally, we reach the summit


After a few minutes rest, we walk down the mount. (STAIRS!!!)

Then, we walked through a few roads in the mount and FINALLY
we reached HINDHEDE QUARRY, a place with beautiful scenery that I never thought Singapore had!

Really Awesome!!!


We leave Bukit Timah...
Then, we proceed our JOURNEY to another Bukit-- Bukit Batok!
SEE!!!the pic below,I took the pic of Bukit batok tat we were going to walk to! (The red red tall stuff!)

we WALK...



Eh!!! I Saw the sign board of Bukti Batok!!! Yeay!!!


still a long long path to go through!!! OH MY GOD!!!

We never give up!!!



The red tall stuff that was so far far away from us just now!!!
NOW, it was just IN FRONT of us^^

After that, we walked into the Bukit Batok Nature Park

After a long walked in the park(It looked like a jungle...)
we SAW:

Really a big WOW!!! WOW!!! ^^

Then, we walked towards the next park.
Not very sure what is the name of the park...
jz rrmember that we really WALKED a lot to reach the place...
and the other name of the Park is *little GUI LIN*

*The Map*

ps: cute sign board

and the we saw:

nice guilin SCENERY in Singapore...hehe =P
really tiring walked a lot in the morning but really a nice experience...
Hope to have another chance to walk like this...
fresh and cool air...
warm sunlight...

with all those sweet memories,great experience and awesome journey...
my Singapore trip ends here......

Happy days in Singapore~^^

nice to share my experience here...